Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome to MODblog

Welcome to MODblog.  "MOD" as in Matter Of Dispute, which is the title of my 2011 book and also, roughly, the main theme of this blog.  I'll post here occasional comments on legal and political issues, with a special emphasis on issues relating to U.S. constitutional law, which is what I teach at the University of Baltimore School of law.

"MOD" also as in "modest," which this blog certainly is, at least at the moment, even if its author sometimes isn't.

And "MOD" as in the occasional post relating to my interest in modern architecture and design or to my other various interests, including photography, jazz and rock music, travel, and food.  With perhaps a little about the Detroit Tigers and the University of Michigan Wolverines thrown into the mix.

More to come; stay tuned.  Thanks for reading, and for your patience.

C.J. Peters